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The Better Taxi Service

Island Club Taxis has been serving the Lake Erie transportation needs of Put-in-Bay for over 10 Years. We service the Island Club Home Rentals, The Jet Express, Miller Ferry, and the entire South Bass Island 24/7 with comfortable 12 passenger vans. Our taxi drivers are fun, friendly and courteous drivers. Just $3 per person to go anywhere on Put-in-Bay. For guests staying at the island club rentals, our vans are the only ones allowed to drop you off right at your doorstep.

Our Promise To You

They say you can wave stress away by keeping it simple. Put-in-Bay Island Club Taxi can help! Travel can be pretty stressful, so make sure you choose your taxi service well. With Island Club Taxi's stellar service, you can have a smooth, relaxing and worry-free journey anywhere on our Lake Erie Island. Whether you have a large group or its just yourself, our drivers will make you feel welcomed. We guarantee a timely and safe arrival no matter where your destination in downtown Put-in-Bay Ohio and beyond.

Whether you are leaving your Put-in-Bay hotel to go to dinner or headed to your family reunion from the ferry boat, we got you covered. Our vans are allowed into the Put-in-Bay Condos complex as well as other Put-in-Bay lodging options.

With Put-in-Bay being located near cities like Cleveland, Toledo and Catawba, the island entertains hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. With so many people coming to our island our vans are ideal for large groups. Whether you are at the Put-in-Bay airport or at one of the Put-in-Bay ferries, our drivers would be more than happy to pick up passengers. At just $3 per person, we believe riding a taxi is the most affordable way to get around on Put-in-Bay.

Consider our selection of clean, modern Put-in-Bay Taxis for a comfortable trip. A highly skilled driver will help carry your luggage onto the taxi and relieve the burden from you. Island Club Taxi gives the promise that you'll get where you need to go on time and completely relaxed. Is there really another choice? Keep it simple, and stick with us... travel happy with Put-in-Bay's Island Club Taxi.

As far as other island transportation goes, golf cart rentals are a very popular way of getting around. If you are interested in renting a Put-in-Bay golf cart from the Island Club call 216-898-9951. Please keep in mind that only guests staying at the Island Club and Put-in-Bay Condos have access to these private golf cart rentals.

Frequently Asked Island Club Taxi Questions

How far is the Island Club from downtown Put-in-Bay?

We get this question a lot for people who love to spend their time away from their rental homes soaking up the downtown Put-in-Bay atmosphere. The Island Club is about 1 mile away from downtown. The fun-filled taxi ride takes anywhere from 5-10 minutes depending on island traffic.

What time do the Island Club Taxis run until?

The Island Club Taxis begin running in April and cease service shortly after Halloween in late October. However, there are taxis that provide service year-round. The Yellow Cab provides transportation service to the local people of the island that live there through the winter months.

How much does a taxi ride cost?

Taxi ride are just $3 per person across all taxi companies on Put-in-Bay. Keep in mind the taxis are a cash only business. Unfortunately paying with a credit card is not an option yet. Who knows, in the future credit card payments might be accepted for your taxi fare.

Do you have to call a taxi when getting off the ferry?

Calling a taxi while you are on the ferry is not necessary. Once off the Miller Ferry or Jet Express, there will be taxi vans waiting to pick you up. Jump in an Island Club or Put-in-Bay Condo Taxi for the best experience!

Do the taxis go everywhere on the island?

Yes, taxis on Put-in-Bay will take you to any destination on the island. Given the island is small in size, taxi rides should not take more than 10 minutes.